1966 Ampeg AEB-1 with original case

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Here is a beautiful 1966 Ampeg AEB-1 bass with the original hard shell case. Though this is a 50 year old bass, it is in very good condition. Made from 1966 to 1967, this rare fretted bass has the scroll head stock, f-holes through the body, and a pickup in the body. We had an appraisal from Gruhn Guitars, pricing this in between $3,500 to $4,000 in its’ current condition. The value will only increase as it gets older. Click the link for more photos!

1966 Ampeg AEB-1 Bass

Ampeg AEB-1


1966 Ampeg AEB-1


Customers interested in purchasing this vintage Ampeg bass can do so on our Reverb listing. Though this can be picked up at our store, shipping is also available. We are offering free shipping. Don’t wait! Don’t hesitate!
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Tobias Toby Deluxe IV Electric Bass

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The Toby Deluxe IV by Tobias features the classic ergonomic body shape that bassists find so easy to play. Providing a focused, ‘finished’ sound that has all the punch of an upright bass with all the clear detail of an electric bass. And now, the Toby Deluxe IV comes with an Active Tonexpressor Bass Enhancement Control for making creative blends and fine adjustments to cut through dense mixes.


  • Radiata bodytobias headstock
  • Hard maple neck
  • Bolt-on neck, extended with recessed bolts/washers
  • Premium die-cast machine heads 17:1 ratio
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Tobias TBT Split-Humbucker pickups
  • Active Tonexpressor Bass Enhancement Control
  • Knurled all metal knobs
  • 1-Master volume, 1-Pickup blend with center detent, Master Tone
  • Flush-mount, low-profile, fully adjustable bridge
  • Metal, fully adjustable truss rod
  • ABS black truss rod cover at body end


Toby IV by Tobias

A brand new TKL gig bag will be included for only $225!

Customers interested in purchasing or shipping this bass can send us a message to our Reverb store. Or, give us a call at 484-452-6413.
Financing or layaway is available only through our Reverb store. Partial payments on Reverb start as low as $18 a month, depending on APR and which monthly payment option is chosen.

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Pig Hog cables, accessories, and more!

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A&G Music Center has access to over 50 million dollars worth of inventory. We offer all the major brands at competitive prices, complete with friendly personalized service. We have many accessories currently in stock for all instruments across the board.

So let’s highlight the cables we have in stock. Some of these cables include tour grade amplifier, speaker, microphone, and patch cables. Aside from the Pig Hog brand, pictured below, we also have Fender, Fender Custom Shop, D’Addario, Hosa Technology, and Signal Flex accessories.

Let’s take a look at the Pig Hog Tour Grade 15ft Microphone Cable. The photo below shows the actual difference between our pricing and the pricing of corporate music giants. Our mission is to bring back the personalized feel to the music retail industry that has been taken away by corporate superstores.

Pig Hog Cable Pricing Comparison

pig hog

Guitar Center Pig Hog cables are priced at $25, while Sam Ash price their cables at $38.
Again, A&G Music Center has the best price in town coming in at $16!
Give us a call or stop in the shop to browse our low priced accessories!
Shop our accessories on Reverb! Customers can also buy accessories online, but, please note that we only list a small amount of our accessory inventory online.

Hamer Slammer Series “Fretless” Cruise Bass

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Hamer Slammer Series Cruise bass is a mid 90’s bass made in Korea. This bass was converted into a fretless, though Hamer did not actually make a fretless Cruise bass. Included in the purchase is a deluxe SKB hard shell case, that retails for over $100 by itself. Hamer Cruise basses play and sound great with a P-bass pick up configuration, two volume, and one master tone control.

There is, however, minor scuffing on the front and back which is to be expected for a bass that is more than 20 years old. The scuffing is shown in the photos, which makes them appear more dramatic than the scratches actually are. So, follow the link below to view more photos of the scuffing. Refer to the last three photos on our Reverb listing. These list on the internet for $450-$600 which makes this an absolute steal for $400!

Customers interested in purchasing or shipping this bass can order through our Reverb store.
Call us at 484-452-6413 or send us a message on our Reverb store.
Click here to purchase and to view more photos!

Hamer Cruise Bass


Ibanez SR300 FM Bass

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Ibanez SR300 FM bass is in very good condition aside from a few minor imperfections from standard use. There is a minor chip on the head stock and minimal scratches in the clear coat on the back. The one little imperfection on the front is shown in the photos. It has active pickups and a flame maple top. It also has a really great punchy sound and plays extremely well.

If interested in purchasing or shipping, please call or send us a message at our Reverb store. Click here to purchase!

Ibanez SR300 FM

*****A great deal at $200!*****

*****Or take it with a new TKL gig bag for only $225!*****

Ibanez sr300     Ibanez sr300 (3)

Ibanez sr300 (2)     Ibanez sr300 (4)

String Special Year Round

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String Special Year Round

*****Buy any three packs of strings, take $1 off*****

This String Special includes buying any three packs of strings (mix and match) and take $1 off each one!! Buy two or more sets of bass strings and take $2 off each one!! We will be honoring this special year round, for anyone who comes into the store or calls to ship an item. Probably the best deal you will hear of!

We’ve got a large selection of strings to choose from including guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, viola, ukulele, banjo, and pedal steel. We also stock Martin, Fender, Dunlop, Ernie Ball, DR, Dean Markly, and many more!

string special

DigiTech Trio Band Creator-In Box

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This DigiTech Trio is currently available in stock. It is brand new with the original box and manual. A&G Music Center is a proud dealer of DigiTech products. Features include Seven Music Genres and Twelve Song Styles Per Genre to Choose From. Not to mention the TRIO can learn up to three different song parts that can recalled on-the-fly. It also comes with Adjustable Tempo & Alternate Half Time/Double Time Variants, Bass & Drum Level Controls, Hands-Free Control Using a DigiTech FS3X Footswitch(optional), and Amp & Mixer Outputs. Finally, the TRIO comes complete with Headphone Output w/Level Control and Included Power Supply.



If interested in purchasing or shipping this item, please call us or send us a message at our Reverb store. Click here to purchase!







DigiTech Trio Band Creator

Complete with the original box and manual
*****Only $175!*****

DigiTech Trio