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Pig Hog cables, accessories, and more!

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A&G Music Center has access to over 50 million dollars worth of inventory. We offer all the major brands at competitive prices, complete with friendly personalized service. We have many accessories currently in stock for all instruments across the board.

So let’s highlight the cables we have in stock. Some of these cables include tour grade amplifier, speaker, microphone, and patch cables. Aside from the Pig Hog brand, pictured below, we also have Fender, Fender Custom Shop, D’Addario, Hosa Technology, and Signal Flex accessories.

Let’s take a look at the Pig Hog Tour Grade 15ft Microphone Cable. The photo below shows the actual difference between our pricing and the pricing of corporate music giants. Our mission is to bring back the personalized feel to the music retail industry that has been taken away by corporate superstores.

Pig Hog Cable Pricing Comparison

pig hog

Guitar Center Pig Hog cables are priced at $25, while Sam Ash price their cables at $38.
Again, A&G Music Center has the best price in town coming in at $16!
Give us a call or stop in the shop to browse our low priced accessories!
Shop our accessories on Reverb! Customers can also buy accessories online, but, please note that we only list a small amount of our accessory inventory online.

Headphones: Large Assortment in Stock

By Accessories, Live Audio, PA Equipement, Pro Audio, Recording

High performance headphones in stock

Our prices range from $22.99 – $49.99!

We always have a large selection of quality headphones in stock at our retail store. Our selection includes, but is not limited to, Yamaha, Audio-Technica, and AKG. All of which are shown in the photo below. Though we do not currently have these items listed on our Reverb store, we can still ship any of these items below or any accessory.

Customers who are interested in shipping any accessory or any of these items below should give us a call at 484-452-6413!


And, while you are here, take a quick look at our Reverb store!

DigiTech Trio Band Creator-In Box

By Accessories, Bass, Drum & Percussion, Guitar, Guitar Effects, Pro Audio, Recording

This DigiTech Trio is currently available in stock. It is brand new with the original box and manual. A&G Music Center is a proud dealer of DigiTech products. Features include Seven Music Genres and Twelve Song Styles Per Genre to Choose From. Not to mention the TRIO can learn up to three different song parts that can recalled on-the-fly. It also comes with Adjustable Tempo & Alternate Half Time/Double Time Variants, Bass & Drum Level Controls, Hands-Free Control Using a DigiTech FS3X Footswitch(optional), and Amp & Mixer Outputs. Finally, the TRIO comes complete with Headphone Output w/Level Control and Included Power Supply.

If interested in purchasing or shipping this item, please call us or send us a message at our Reverb store. Click here to purchase!


DigiTech Trio Band Creator

Complete with the original box and manual
*****Only $175!*****

DigiTech Trio

If you are not local to our store, feel free to purchase this or any other item at our store !!!