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Ibanez TSA30H and TSA212C

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Displayed here we have a brand new, unopened, Ibanez TSA 30H Tube Screamer Head. Next to that is a TSA 212C Cabinet. Though the cabinet is used, it is only slightly experienced. This head sells online for $449; this cabinet sells online for $299, making that a hefty bundle coming in at $748. However, here at A&G, we like to provide the best prices and deals. And, this is an absolute steal for only $500!

The TSA 212 Cabinet is a 160-watt guitar speaker cabinet that comes loaded with a pair of 12″ Celestion Seventy 80 speakers. This classic speaker provides tight low-end with a punchy mid-range and aggressive bite.

The TSA 30H is a 30-watt all-tube guitar amplifier head with a built-in TS9 Tube Screamer Tone Circuit, 6dB Boost Switch, and a 3-band Equalizer. Pull back the output volume without affecting the tone with the independent amplifier gain and volume controls. The by-passable Tube Screamer tone circuit includes overdrive, tone, and volume controls. The tried-and-true combination of a 12AX7-driven pre-amp and a 6L6-driven power amp sounds amazing.

Customers interested in purchasing or shipping this item can give us a call at 484-452-6413. Keep in mind we are shipping from the east coast. The shipping costs will vary depending on weight and dimensions of the package, as well as the destination. Give us a call for any questions!

Ibanez TSA 30H and 212C
The Perfect Pair
Ibanez TSAIbanez TSA cabinet


Cerwin-Vega SM-12B Stage Monitors

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Here, we have a pair of Cerwin-Vega SM-12B stage monitors in good condition for being more than 20 years old. Don’t let the age fool you, though, as these have hardly been used in the last 20 years by the previous owner. These are professional stage monitors which allow musicians to hear themselves in balance, while preforming. Made in 1990, Cerwin-Vega designed the SM-12B to cut cleanly through the highest concert sound levels. Meaning musicians can hear the monitor in their ear over any other speaker on stage. With die-cast aluminum frame woofers and high temperature voice-coil assemblies, the SM-12B vocal spot monitors use a C-V’s high efficiency ER124 12″ driver. These speakers are made with laminated plywood and are finished with a durable, road-ready carpet. With 150 watts and 8ohms, these monitors pack a loud punch! Lastly, these 2-way floor monitors combine accuracy and efficiency in a compact size, weighing only 60 lbs as a pair.

Customers interested in purchasing this pair can give us a call at 484-452-6413. We prefer not to ship these speakers, so stop by the shop to test them out and take them home (or take them on the road)!

Cerwin-Vega SM-12B
Grab the pair for only $150!

Peavey 5150 Series II with 412 Slant Cabinet

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This Peavey 5150 Series II Head features: 120 Watts, 6 12AX7 Preamp tubes, 4-6L6 Power tubes, 2 foot switchable Channels (Clean/Crunch and Lead), Independent 3 band EQ, Resonance and Presence controls for each channel and an effects loop. Both designed to Eddie Van Halen’s specifications. The cabinet has some wear and tear on the tolex covering but it is fully functioning and sounds incredible.

If interested in purchasing or shipping, please call or send a message to our Reverb store. Click here to purchase!

Peavey 5150 Series II Head with 5150 412 Slant Cabinet

Complete with foot switch

*********A Steal at $999!!*********

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