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Music Lessons

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Music Lessons at A&G Music Center

A&G Music Center in Drexel Hill, PA offers music lessons to folks of all ages and skill levels.  Playing music has many benefits.  Furthermore, it will bring you a lifetime of joy!  Some additional benefits are:

  • You’ll be smarter. One of the best reasons to learn to play music is to increase your cognitive ability. …
  • Make friends. …
  • Playing an instrument relieves stress. …
  • You’ll feel proud. …
  • It builds your confidence. …
  • Improve patience. …
  • Improve memory. …
  • It makes you creative.

A&G offers lessons for the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Ukulele
  • Mandolin
  • Brass
  • Woodwinds

Benefits of Playing an Instrument from Penn Medicine

Playing an instrument may be one of the best ways to help keep the brain healthy. “It engages every major part of the central nervous system,” said John Dani, PhD, chair of Neuroscience at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, tapping into both the right and left sides of the brain.  For example, playing the violin – which, like many instruments, requires the right hand to do something different than the left–  uses the peripheral nervous system, which controls movement of your fingers, as well as gross and fine motor skills. The brain’s executive function – which plans and makes decisions – comes into play as a musician plays one part but keeps focus on what’s coming next.  Couple that with the total sensory input – visual, auditory, emotional and all at the same time – and it becomes a total “workout” for the brain. “Recent studies suggest that music may be a uniquely good form of exercising your brain,” he said. “Fun can also be good for you.”

And the best news: While learning to play an instrument as a child provides life-long benefits to the  brain, taking music lessons in your 60s – or older – can boost your brain’s health as well, helping to decrease loss of memory and cognitive function. Results from a study of people who started to play piano between the ages of 60 and 85 noted that “after six months, those who had received piano lessons showed more robust gains in memory, verbal fluency, the speed at which they processed information, planning ability, and other cognitive functions, as compared with those who had not received lessons.” So it’s never too late.

Music Lessons Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a great music teacher?  We have excellent and enthusiastic teachers, who work with students of all ages and levels.  Give us a call today at 484 452 6413 to set up a time slot for your lessons!

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Rehearsal Space

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Rehearsal Space, Music Store, Rehearsal Space Delco

A&G Music Center is now offering Rehearsal Space

Local Bands are now offered Rehearsal Space at A&G Music Center!

A & G is now offering our rehearsal space for artists and bands. Minimal hours available as we will be doing this around our music students. The hours available are Fridays between 11:30am and 5:30pm. Saturdays from 1:30-4:30pm and Sundays from 11am-3pm. The rates are $40 for one hour, $70 for two hours and $100 for three hours. The room is equipped with a drum set, bass amp, pa system and mic stands. Bands and artists must bring their own instruments, microphones, cables and guitar amplifiers. Reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis. All load ins and outs will be done through the rear entrance of the building. Payment must be made in advance. Credit cards will be subject to a 3% service fee and tax. Save 9% by paying with cash. Give us a call to make your reservation. 484 452 6413.

If you don’t have your own guitar amplifier or don’t like the one you have, we have a great selection of Newer Used and Vintage Guitar Amplifiers!  Check out these vintage beauties!

Check out these vintage beauties!

From Left to Right above you have a StudioMaster Valve Leadmaster, A Magnatone M10 and a 1963 Gibson Scout!  These are just a sampling of some of the unique items we have for sale at A&G!  In addition, we beat the big box store and online pricing on many items such as Microphones, Cables, Strings, Straps, Drum Sticks, Symbols and so much more.

Music Lessons Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a great music teacher?  We have excellent and enthusiastic teachers, who work with students of all ages and levels.  Give us a call today at 484 452 6413 to set up a time slot for your lessons!

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Marshall MG50FX

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Have you always wanted a Marshall amp but couldn’t find one in your price range?  Check out this 50-watt gem with 2 channels and built-in digital FX.  The electronics on this amp are as clean as a whistle and is in very good condition aside from a few scuffs on the tolex shown in the photos.




If you are not local to our store, feel free to purchase this or any other item at our store !!!

1960s’ Silvertone 618 Arch Top w/ FREE TKL Gig Bag

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Dig this 1960s’ Silvertone Arch top in very good condition.  This guitar screams “pride of ownership” !!!  There are only a few small blemishes to speak of shown in the photos; This is unusual considering that this guitar is over 50 years old.  You will be hard-pressed to find a guitar of this age, with action this good.

Beautiful Condition $300

If you are not local to our store, feel free to purchase this or any other item at our store !!!

Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Custom Limited w/ Deluxe Hardshell Case

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The Best Deal in the Country on this Guitar !!!

Check out this 2016 Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Custom Limited in emerald green sparkle.  There were only 48 of these guitars made for the United States.  The Viking Deluxe Custom limited comes with extra features, such as coil-tapping and sophisticated metal control knobs.  We are selling this complete with a deluxe hardshell case and FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States.  You will not find a better deal on this guitar in the country !!!


***Factory Description:
The Viking Deluxe is one of the best-looking members of the Hagstrom family, so when we started work on a 2016 Limited Edition model we knew that something very special was necessary. It looks like our design team once again has risen to the occasion. Take the basic  platform and dress it up in a stunning emerald green metallic finish with ivory binding and pickup surrounds topped off with a translucent pickguard. Then, from its Super Viking sibling add some sophisticated metal control knobs with push-pull coil splitting capabilities, and the result is our Limited Edition Viking Deluxe Custom for 2016.

If you are not local to our store, feel free to purchase this or any other item at our store !!!

Artwork by Francis2Good at A&G!

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Artwork by Francis2Good

Artwork by Francis2Good
His focus … Color over Realism
His motto … Inspiration and Love


Pictured, from left to right, is local artist Frank Kolbmann standing with Frank, owner of A&G Music Center.

Artwork by Francis2Good is on sale now at A&G Music Center. We will be displaying his collection until the new year. At that point we plan to support and display other artists’ work (artists interested in having their artwork displayed should contact us for more information). So, come by the shop to check out these truly unique and beautiful portraits of some of the music industry’s most famous people.

Hailing from Ardmore PA, Francis2Good, born Frank Kolbmann, was an artist from day one and he has not looked back since. Frank has always had a passion for creating art. That passion all stems back to a childhood of doodling cartoon characters in school notebooks. Throughout his life, art has been his one and only true passion. In looking back and experiencing a whirlwind of ups and downs, Frank has developed as an artist, as well as a person. While attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he has met and learned from a lot of great artists along the way.

His inspirations come from, though not limited to, his family, close friends, and through supporting local musicians and artists, who are close friends of ours as well. He finds inspiration in everyday life. These days Frank finds inspiration in the folk movement that is currently sweeping the Philadelphia music scene and in the music that embodies this movement. Watching, listening, and supporting local musicians has greatly inspired him to pursue his dreams. Working hard at what he loves in life and creating beautiful paintings for the enjoyment of all is his passion.

Though we only have a small sample of his artwork and that artwork focuses on a certain style, Frank loves and incorporates all styles into his work. The two styles that have stood out to him are that of the Post-Impressionism age and Pop Art. Vincent Van Gogh has had the most impact on his life and influence, though Andy Warhol of the Pop Art genre is followed closely behind Van Gogh. Franks’ own style is a good representational mixture of his artistic influences.

The collection shown in the photos below is a very small sample of what Artwork by Francis2Good has to offer. With many other paintings, drawings, murals, acrylics, iconic portraits, and even live paintings, it seems he can do just about anything. Not limiting to the music and entertainment scene, his subjects expand to include landscapes, historical figures, historical depictions, and personal commissioned pieces. His artwork has even reached the walls of famed boxer, Mike Tyson. More on that story and on his other work can be found by clicking this article. In addition to the canvases he paints, he offers his artwork in many different forms. From larger canvases to smaller prints, to T-Shirts, he has even printed his work on lighters and on the backs of skateboards. Ask us about where you can get your hands on an awesome Francis2Good shirt or lighter!

Browse his collection. Ask us about any painting you see here. Or, if interested in something particular, feel free to contact us or Frank Kolbmann directly regarding commissioned pieces and pieces that are not on display in our store. Customers interested in any of these pieces can purchase them at our store. 100% of the sales go directly to the artist.
Contact Frank Kolbman of Francis2Good at 610-757-7777
Or, email him at

More artwork and information can be found on his Artwork by Francis2Good Facebook page, by clicking here.

Pig Pen by Francis2Good

Pig Pen of the Grateful Dead


Artwork by Francis2Good

Left to right: Jim Croce, David Bowie, The Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison

Artwork by Francis2Good

Left to right: Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Scott Weiland, Syd Barrett, Buddy Holly, Tom Waits


Pricing Details: Miles Davis $250. Michael Jackson $275. Kurt Cobain $200. Nirvana $300. Scott Weiland $250. Syd Barrett $275. Buddy Holly $300. Tom Waits $200. Jim Croce $400. David Bowie $250. The Allman Brothers $300. Bob Marley $200. Jim Morrison $275. Pig Pen of the Grateful Dead $225.