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Artwork by Francis2Good at A&G!

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Artwork by Francis2Good

Artwork by Francis2Good
His focus … Color over Realism
His motto … Inspiration and Love


Pictured, from left to right, is local artist Frank Kolbmann standing with Frank, owner of A&G Music Center.

Artwork by Francis2Good is on sale now at A&G Music Center. We will be displaying his collection until the new year. At that point we plan to support and display other artists’ work (artists interested in having their artwork displayed should contact us for more information). So, come by the shop to check out these truly unique and beautiful portraits of some of the music industry’s most famous people.

Hailing from Ardmore PA, Francis2Good, born Frank Kolbmann, was an artist from day one and he has not looked back since. Frank has always had a passion for creating art. That passion all stems back to a childhood of doodling cartoon characters in school notebooks. Throughout his life, art has been his one and only true passion. In looking back and experiencing a whirlwind of ups and downs, Frank has developed as an artist, as well as a person. While attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he has met and learned from a lot of great artists along the way.

His inspirations come from, though not limited to, his family, close friends, and through supporting local musicians and artists, who are close friends of ours as well. He finds inspiration in everyday life. These days Frank finds inspiration in the folk movement that is currently sweeping the Philadelphia music scene and in the music that embodies this movement. Watching, listening, and supporting local musicians has greatly inspired him to pursue his dreams. Working hard at what he loves in life and creating beautiful paintings for the enjoyment of all is his passion.

Though we only have a small sample of his artwork and that artwork focuses on a certain style, Frank loves and incorporates all styles into his work. The two styles that have stood out to him are that of the Post-Impressionism age and Pop Art. Vincent Van Gogh has had the most impact on his life and influence, though Andy Warhol of the Pop Art genre is followed closely behind Van Gogh. Franks’ own style is a good representational mixture of his artistic influences.

The collection shown in the photos below is a very small sample of what Artwork by Francis2Good has to offer. With many other paintings, drawings, murals, acrylics, iconic portraits, and even live paintings, it seems he can do just about anything. Not limiting to the music and entertainment scene, his subjects expand to include landscapes, historical figures, historical depictions, and personal commissioned pieces. His artwork has even reached the walls of famed boxer, Mike Tyson. More on that story and on his other work can be found by clicking this article. In addition to the canvases he paints, he offers his artwork in many different forms. From larger canvases to smaller prints, to T-Shirts, he has even printed his work on lighters and on the backs of skateboards. Ask us about where you can get your hands on an awesome Francis2Good shirt or lighter!

Browse his collection. Ask us about any painting you see here. Or, if interested in something particular, feel free to contact us or Frank Kolbmann directly regarding commissioned pieces and pieces that are not on display in our store. Customers interested in any of these pieces can purchase them at our store. 100% of the sales go directly to the artist.
Contact Frank Kolbman of Francis2Good at 610-757-7777
Or, email him at

More artwork and information can be found on his Artwork by Francis2Good Facebook page, by clicking here.

Pig Pen by Francis2Good

Pig Pen of the Grateful Dead


Artwork by Francis2Good

Left to right: Jim Croce, David Bowie, The Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison

Artwork by Francis2Good

Left to right: Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Scott Weiland, Syd Barrett, Buddy Holly, Tom Waits


Pricing Details: Miles Davis $250. Michael Jackson $275. Kurt Cobain $200. Nirvana $300. Scott Weiland $250. Syd Barrett $275. Buddy Holly $300. Tom Waits $200. Jim Croce $400. David Bowie $250. The Allman Brothers $300. Bob Marley $200. Jim Morrison $275. Pig Pen of the Grateful Dead $225.